Oil Control - An Important Part of Your Skincare Routine

Oil Control - An Important Part of Your Skincare Routine

Oil blotting paper started being used as far back as 1880 and originated in Japan. There’s a reason why we still use them today! Oil blotting papers are thin pieces of paper that soak up excess face oil from your skin, immediately removing shine. They don’t smudge your makeup and don’t add any pore-clogging ingredients to your face.

It’s frustrating when, after spending time carefully applying makeup, you fall victim to unwanted shine and sweat. Fortunately, oil blotting papers can help. These handy sheets of paper are a must-have in your makeup bag, handbag, or pocket for keeping your makeup intact or for avoiding any slickness or oiliness on your natural makeup-free complexion. If oil blotting sheets are new to you, you may be interested in adding them to your skincare routine. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about oil blotting sheets, from what they are to how to use them.

How Do They Work?

Some oil blotting sheets on the market today contain powder, talc, or other added ingredients. At EcoFeminii, we believe in simplicity, and that an acne-prone face doesn’t need any more additives that could potentially block pores.

Our oil blotting sheets are made from 3 ingredients: softwood pulp, hemp pulp, and charcoal – all designed to absorb excess oil without stripping your natural oils completely. What’s more – they don’t leave behind any residue and leave your makeup intact.

Placing the sheet on your face gently for a few seconds will allow it to absorb excess oil, taking away that glaring shine, leaving you selfie-ready and confident. The lightweight, absorbent, pocket-size sheets discreetly remove surface oil from the skin and can reduce the temptation to wash your face excessively, which can irritate the skin and lead to more oil production. They enable you to address discrete areas of breakthrough shine while leaving the rest of your face untouched. Oil blotting papers are the solution you seek for a glow without glisten.

Finally a way to reduce shine without having to wash your face or add extra powder

Oil Production

Oil blotting sheets remove some of the excess oil that your skin produces, in order to leave your skin matte without having to add more makeup which can clog pores and cause breakouts. Removing excess oil can help to reduce acne breakouts, as your pores will be less clogged up as a result. What they can’t (unfortunately) do is address the reason why your skin produces excess oil, and this is something you can discuss with your doctor or dermatologist.

Dermatologists recommend moisturizing regularly and using an oil-reducing cleanser as part of your skincare routine, alongside oil-absorbing papers during the day. Makeup artists also recommend using primers underneath foundation which absorb oil. Using a combination of these methods will lead to your best skin day yet.

Which To Choose?

With a plethora of options on sale today, it’s difficult to know what’s best. What’s more is they’re priced so differently, with the top brands pricing them at even £25 per 150 sheets! We would suggest looking for lightweight oil blotting papers that don’t clog pores with added unnecessary ingredients, and with ingredients that have maximum absorbency including pulp and charcoal.

If you’re already familiar with us at EcoFeminii you will know that we also care deeply about the environment; therefore, we use no plastic in our oil blotting papers, including the packaging. This is why we developed our oil blotting papers to fight against the waste caused by plastic film alternatives and paper blotting sheets that are unnecessarily packaged in plastic.

The Verdict

With paper sheets being no less effective than the plastic absorbent film, we would certainly recommend paper over plastic. What’s more is our oil blotting papers are by far the more environmentally-friendly choice, without having to compromise on quality or effectiveness. When used as part of a sensible skincare routine, these really are a must-have. Hello matte skin, hello confidence!

*Please note that this article does not constitute medical advice. If you require medical advice speak to your doctor, and check with a medical professional before making changes to your diet.

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