Combatting CO2

We know that we can't simply undo our impact on the planet by planting trees, and we want to go beyond 'greenwashing', which we are seeing with large companies these days. Yet we want to do something that's within our power at the moment, to give back to the planet. Our dreams of going carbon neutral are on our map, but for now what we can do is plant some trees to begin to address our carbon emissions and impact on the planet.

While we're striving for plastic-free products, we want to do more. We believe in looking after the planet, from the moment our products are produced, to when they have to be thrown away. That's why we source our products responsibly, and why we're working to offset our emissions when they're unavoidable.

The National Trust aims to plant & establish 20 million trees by 2030 - planning for the future of woodlands to tackle climate change. We are choosing to support the National Trust with this goal. While it's not enough, every tree does count.

To learn more about the National Trust's tree planting scheme, click here.