About Us

EcoFeminii was founded in 2017, with two goals in mind - how do I help people to look after themselves and protect the environment & animals at the same time?
It started with looking at my own rubbish bin.  There I found lots of disposable cotton rounds, plastic-film sheets used to absorb oil to keep looking fresh throughout the day, and plastic packaging from acne sticker patches.  Zero-waste enthusiast Bea Johnson would be ashamed! 
I imagined where these would end up - in a landfill, or worse yet, clogging waterways and polluting the environment.  It just wasn't good enough.  It didn't fit with my values to keep using these products, and there were few alternatives at the time.
So, I set out on developing each of our products based on existing, effective products on the market, but with a twist - reducing and often completely eliminating plastic waste.  This has been the mission since the start, and I hope to keep expanding to design and develop more products that help us to reduce our waste, and protect our environment and fellow creatures that live in it.
Thanks for visiting,
Lucy at EcoFeminii