About Us

EcoFeminii's journey started in 2017 when I looked into my bathroom bin and started to register the amount of disposable products and packaging that was there.  From throw-away cotton pads and make up remover wipes to plastic packaging from my oil blotting paper and acne patches.  It just didn't fit with my values of protecting the environment from further harm.

The more I thought about the waste management process, the more I realised the disposable products and packaging would end up in landfills, or clogging the ocean and waterways, polluting the environment and destroying habitats.

EcoFeminii was therefore borne out of necessity for sustainable beauty - beauty products which are kinder to the environment.  Our main aim is to reduce plastic waste in our products and our promise to you, our customers, is to work tirelessly toward the end goal of eliminating plastic waste from our product lines, while helping you toward your best skin and healthcare goals.

 As a result, we've achieved the following:

  • We pack and send our products in plastic-free and recycled paper and card packages. We never use plastic tape - paper tape is just as good!
  • We use refillable ink cartridges for our printing, and always choose recycled paper, putting pressure on our suppliers to deliver to us using no or minimal plastic.
  • From factory to distribution centres we reduce bulk plastic packaging, and are seeking out plastic free label backing sheets.
  • Our staff live by a plant-based lifestyle and strictly abide by the reduce, reuse (and if we cannot help it- recycle) mentality. 

We’re thoroughly committed to a planet-protecting lifestyle in our work and personal lives. Join us on the journey!

Thanks for visiting,
Lucy at EcoFeminii

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Questions or queries?  Feel free to get in touch by using the contact form below, or by emailing us at: lucy@ecofeminii.com
Tel:  0843 523 5953 Administrative enquiries only: Weds 9-11am.  Phone calls are charged at £1 per minute.