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At EcoFeminii we value clear, radiant skin as well as the environment. Established in 2017, EcoFeminii has developed quality skincare products which leave you looking your best. We especially focus on gentle and earth-conscious ways to target oily facial skin and breakouts without the need for harsh chemicals or medicines.

EcoFeminii Oil-Control Blotting Papers are our bestseller, effectively combatting facial oil, and absorb grease without powders, and without stripping the skin of it's essential oils. They leave makeup perfectly in place, and produce a matte, glowing complexion. Our Acne Sticker Patches are designed to target stubborn spots & pimples overnight. With reduced plastic packaging, all our products put less of a toll on the environment than other brands.

Our London-based small business was borne out of necessity for sustainable beauty. We work tirelessly toward the end goal of eliminating plastic waste from our product lines, while helping you toward your best skincare goals. We believe a radiant complexion comes from good skincare, and the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Our values include packing and sending our products in plastic-free and reused or recycled paper and card packages - we never use plastic tape - paper tape is just as good! We use refillable ink cartridges for our printing, use recycled paper. From factory to distribution centres we strive to use minimal plastic. What's more, our staff live by a plant-based lifestyle and abide by the reduce, reuse (and if we cannot help it- recycle) mentality.

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