What Are Acne Patches & How Do They Work?

What Are Acne Patches & How Do They Work?

Acne sticker patches, pimple patches, or ‘zit stickers’, are small round stickers that contain hydrocolloid. Acne patches are typically round, semi-transparent stickers. They are made of hydrocolloid, a type of bandage that draws out moisture from within pores without drying out the surrounding skin. They work by absorbing excess fluid, pulling oil and dirt away from the pimple. Acne patches are made from the same ingredients and materials as hydrocolloid bandages, which are most commonly used for post-surgical wounds to help speed up the healing process.

At EcoFeminii we don’t use any animal products. On the market today, hydrocolloid products are typically made from gelatine (boiled down animal hooves and cartilage). As a plant-based and vegan company, you can rest assured that our sticker patches are made from non-animal ingredients. We use carboxymethylcellulose (cellulose gum from plants) instead, and glycerol ester of rosin (wood sap) to aid adherence to the skin.

The Benefits of Acne Patches

There are a number of benefits to using acne patches. Not only do they absorb contents of your spot helping them to heal faster, but they can prevent you from picking or trying to pop the pimple.

Picking a pimple increases inflammation and healing time and increases risk for infection, discolouration, and scarring. If you’re unlucky enough to have to battle with pimples now, you certainly don’t want to have to battle with the scars later in life.

Acne patches get to work straight away on those whiteheads, surface level pustules and cystic lesions are a gentle yet effective remedy for breakouts.

Non-Medicated Patches vs. Those Containing Salicylic Acid

At EcoFeminii, our non-medicated patches work by sucking out the moisture from your pores, preventing infection and serving as a moisture barrier that’ll help to speed up recovery and prevent the formation of scars.

EcoFeminii’s non-medicated patches don’t dry out the skin and leave it flaky like other acne spot treatments containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Sometimes products containing salicylic acid can be helpful when the spot is deep, but this chemical is best used under the advice of your doctor. For a gentler treatment that’s kinder to your skin, the power of cellulose from plants is the perfect remedy.


The benefits of hydrocolloid are truly remarkable- who knew a natural ingredient could be so effective.

See Them in Action

You can see the patches have done their work when they turn opaque. This is when you know they’ve sucked out the debris, pus and oil from your pores. You’ll see the patch begin to turn white where it absorbed what it has pulled out of your pimple. The more moisture of this kind it absorbs, the whiter the patch will become and it will be ready to remove, leaving your pimple much reduced in size. So satisfying!

It’s best to use these patches when your pimple is showing a white or yellow head. They work best on raised pimples that have an open pore, an easy pathway for the insides to come out. You can wear them whenever you want, but to get a good eight hours of wear, put them on before you go to sleep. Even though they’re transparent, they are not invisible so we prefer to wear them while we’re in bed.

When to Seek Medical Help for your Acne

Unfortunately acne patches can’t help solve the root cause of the acne itself. Although acne patches are a pain-free and gentle acne remedy, they don’t always work on all different types of acne. For example, acne patches may not work as effectively on deep pustules that haven’t yet risen to the surface. Those are the most painful and it can really help to get your doctor’s advice on how to improve them.

For persistent acne and treatment for the cause of your problem, consult your GP who can advise on different medications to help your further.

EcoFeminii’s Promise

At EcoFeminii we promise to work tirelessly to reduce plastic in our packaging and products. Our acne patches are packed in card with no plastic lining, and paper backing sheets instead of plastic. The information leaflet and card box is fully recyclable. We’re doing more to completely eliminate plastic from this product whilst maintaining its quality and effectiveness, working to achieve this goal which we see as absolutely crucial for our planet.

Buy yours here.

We wish you all the best with improving your acne. But remember – be confident despite your acne! You’re beautiful with and without it, it doesn’t define you.

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