Extra Absorbent Acne Sticker Patches: Absorbing Hydrocolloid Remedy for Pimples, Spots & Blemishes

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  *These stickers are thicker, and therefore even more absorbent than the original EcoFeminii Acne Sticker Patches.  Please note they are therefore more visible, and best for overnight use*

FASTER HEALING: Effective at absorbing pus and oil secretions from spots, the treatment provides a noticeable reduction in redness and swelling. The dots flatten whiteheads by drawing out unwanted build up of fluid. 

LARGE & SMALL, ADHESIVE STICKERS: With 108 individual stickers per pack, they are an emergency aid to reduce larger and smaller breakouts. Notice visibly clearer skin.

COMFORTABLE & FLEXIBLE: EcoFeminii's extra thick sticker patches effectively extract sebum & spot contents overnight, reducing the size of the spot & making it easier to apply make-up the next day.

EASY TO USE & COMFORTABLE: Place them on the cleansed, affected area and cover them to heal the zit. The patches work to prevent infection by creating a barrier between your spot and potential external bacteria.

NON-MEDICATED, FDA APPROVED HYDROCOLLOID FORMULATION: Our original, plant-based (vegan) patches are cruelty-free and mild enough for sensitive skin. Master your skincare routine.

Keen to know more? Read our article on acne sticker patches here.

Large & small sticker patches (1.2cm and 0.8cm) to precisely target your spots. The sticker patches are discreetly thin, round and translucent.

Active ingredients: Carboxymethylcellulose (plant-based hydrocolloid), glycerol ester of rosin, aqua. FDA and CE Approved. Medication free with no harsh chemicals, and does not dry-out the skin

Apply one sticker to the affected area after cleansing your skin, leave for 6-8 hours or overnight, and remove. Visibly improves the appearance of acne-prone skin, reduces spot size, redness and swelling.