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EcoFeminii Acne Sticker Patches: Absorbing Hydrocolloid Remedy for Pimples, Spots & Blemishes

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Having spots is tiresome and can really affect your confidence. Now you can treat your spots overnight to visibly reduce their appearance.

FASTER HEALING: Effective at absorbing pus and oil secretions from spots, the treatment provides a noticeable reduction in redness and swelling. The dots flatten whiteheads by drawing out unwanted build up of fluid.

LARGE & SMALL, ADHESIVE STICKERS: With 108 individual stickers per pack, they are an emergency aid to reduce larger and smaller breakouts. Notice visibly clearer skin.

THIN, TRANSLUCENT & FLEXIBLE: EcoFeminii's original sticker patches can be worn discreetly as they are almost invisible on any skin tone. They effectively conceal the blemish and extract sebum overnight, making it easier to apply make-up the next day.

EASY TO USE & COMFORTABLE: Place them on the cleansed, affected area and cover them to heal the zit. The patches work to prevent infection by creating a barrier between your spot and potential external bacteria.

NON-MEDICATED, FDA APPROVED HYDROCOLLOID FORMULATION: Our original, plant-based (vegan) patches are cruelty-free and mild enough for sensitive skin. Master your skincare routine.



Description:  Large & small sticker patches (1.2cm and 0.8cm) precisely target your spots. The sticker patches are discreetly thin, round and translucent.  They cover and protect spots, absorbing the contents of the spot allowing for faster healing.  They satisfyingly collects sebum from the spot into the plaster, decreasing swelling & leaving it smaller and less inflamed.  They work to prevent scarring by reducing the desire to squeeze the spot – by covering it up you are deterred from scratching or touching the spot so it can heal faster.



  • FDA and CE Approved
  • Made with a hydrocolloid plant based formulation
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Reduces the desire to pick or squeeze the spot
  • Not tested on animals
  • Medication free with no harsh chemicals, and does not dry-out the skin
  • Passing COA UK & FDA safety standards


Ingredients:  99% carboxymethylcellulose (plant-based hydrocolloid) and 1% glycerol ester of rosin

We recommend that you read the information leaflet and safety advice before using this product.

*With our new reduced plastic packaging option these sticker patches are just as effective, but less wasteful. Now we pack them in paper packaging, so you can have both a clear face and a clear mind knowing you’re doing your bit to reduce plastic waste.*

*We are dedicated to fulfilling our customers' needs. If in the unlikely circumstance you dissatisfied with our product and wish to return it, we will provide a full refund.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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