soap savers cotton mesh bags
store and dry soaps without bacteria soap savers
16cm x 16cm mesh bags for storing soaps
100% unbleached cotton and bamboo fibres mesh bags
Bath and shower soap storage
plastic free soap storage savers

EcoFeminii Soap Saver Bags – 2 Pack 100% Unbleached Natural Cotton & Bamboo Fibre

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Features & Design:

  • 100% NATURAL COTTON FIBRES – Unbleached and gentle on your skin, the soap saver bags can also be used to create a lather to better exfoliate your skin when you are washing. Exfoliation promotes the removal of dead skin cells and improves blood circulation.
  • ECONOMICAL – Hang your soap between washes to dry and prolong the life of the bar. Make the most of your favourite soap bars, and reduce plastic waste by avoiding liquid soap dispensers.
  • EASY TO USE – Place soap in the pouch and hang it up, ready for use the next time you take a bath or shower. Machine washable at low temperatures.
  • DURABLE – With premium cotton stitching, the bags last the lifetime of many bars of soap.
  • COTTON MESH DESIGN – In keeping with your zero-waste lifestyle, the bags provide a rustic, eco-friendly appearance to your bathroom.

Make some bubbles!
Get the smooth, exfoliated skin that gives you that perfect glow. Place whichever bar of soap you choose into the bag, and rub a dub for a bit of lather. When you're done primping and preening, hang the bag somewhere where it can drain, like on the tap, shower-head or faucet. Just see how much soap you can save without the use of a soap dish which accumulates both soap sludge and bacteria - yuck! The soap saver bag dries quickly, preserving your soap and giving you the best possible bathing experience. Catch those little bits of leftover soap that slip out of your fingers and use them to the very end, providing the most economical and eco-friendly alternative to liquid shower gels. Bye bye plastic, hello soap savers.
At EcoFeminii we really care about the environment - therefore we've packaged our soap savers in paper so they will arrive 99% plastic free (apart from the label - we're working on that!)
Contents: 2 Soap Saver Drawstring bags Size: 14cm x 16cm

Safety Precautions: Keep bag, string and packaging out of the reach of children and animals. When not in use, please place or hang in a cool, ventilated place to prevent the development of bacteria. Wash in your washing machine at regular intervals. We recommend washing the bag before use if you have sensitive skin.

*Please note that the soap is not included*

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