environmentally friendly period pads sanitary
21cm x 9cm washable sanitary pad
adjustable size for a happy period
reusable sanitary pads
environmentally friendly period pads sanitary

EcoFeminii Eco Friendly & Reusable Bamboo Fibre Cotton Cloth Pad/Pantyliners

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Soft, Super Absorbent, Discreet & Washable-Pack of 4 (2 Black/2 White) & Leak-proof Travelling Pouch-Small Size: 9cm x 21cm

  • LAYERS OF SOFT BAMBOO FIBRE AND INTEGRATED CHARCOAL – With a highly absorbent constitution, the pads also naturally neutralise odours. The material is completely unbleached, hypoallergenic, making them suitable for even sensitive skin
  • REUSABLE & WASHABLE – Save money and protect the environment by significantly reducing your waste – make an investment in the planet with the additional benefit of saving your pocket each month
  • LEAK AND SMELL-PROOF CARRY BAG – The outer layer of the pads, and the pouch bag, are lined with polyurethane (laminated fabric) for the prevention of leaks. They can therefore be transported home discreetly in your handbag, ready for washing. While we have minimised our use of plastics, we feel this is a requirement for these pads for modern-living, and the amount of plastic use is minimal compared to disposable pads
  • TRIED AND TESTED - The bamboo fibre top layer is the most absorbent material, compared to the fleece variety. The result is a soft, dry feeling which lasts for hours
  • 4 PACK OF DISCREET BLACK AND WHITE PADS with LEAKPROOF POUCH BAG – Perfect starter pack to see you through your period. Discreet colours match your underwear, so feel confident without worrying about others noticing you are wearing them, when at the gym changing rooms for example

Directions: Simply wrap the wings around your underwear so the soft bamboo fibre fabric is against your skin, and close the popper on the other side. When the pad is saturated, remove. Place in the leak-proof carry bag, and zip up. When you return home, soak the pad in cold water then wash on a regular cycle in your washing machine. The pads dry at the same time as your regular washing. Then they are ready for use again, and last for years.

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