super soft reusable baby wipes
washable wet wipes for adult and baby
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20cm x 20cm reusable wet wipes with pouch
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bamboo cotton 100% natural materials reusable wipes
chemical free natural cotton reusable washable wet wipes in gift box

10pcs Reusable Soft Cotton & Bamboo Dry/Wet Wipes with BPA-Free Moisture-Resistant Zip Pouch – For Adult & Baby

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  • SOFT COTTON & BAMBOO FIBRE – Made from the finest cotton and bamboo fibres, the wipes are kind to your skin.

  • WATERPROOF POUCH – BPA free, the sealable pouch keeps wipes dry or wet – whatever you choose.

  • SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN – Suitable for freshening up on the go, or for cleaning up those messy babies. Suitable for sensitive skin.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – An eco-friendly alternative to disposables.

  • STRONG & ABSORBENT - The wipes withstand your washing machine’s strongest spin cycles, to be used again and again.


Tired of seeing a build up of throwaway wipes in your bin? 11 million wipes are thrown away or flushed down the toilet every year. 

EcoFeminii’s super soft reusable wipes are perfect for wiping sticky hands and cleaning up mess. Chemical free and unbleached, they are both safe and effective for sensitive skin

You can use them to freshen up in hot weather, after cycling to work, to remove makeup, apply toner, or wipe your baby’s mess. 

Size: 20cm x 20cm

Contents: 10 wipes & 1 pouch 

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